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Delta Clubman logger with X Sport dash display

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Part No: C601

Delta Clubman is a very capable 6-channel racing data logger designed for Club Motorsport applications. It provides 2Mb of logging memory, 6 analogue channels and inputs for RPM, lap timing beacon and 1 wheelspeed. Inline g, lateral g, logger box temperature and battery voltage are monitored internally. Analogue channels may be calibrated for use with displacement, temperature or pressure sensors, logged at rates up to 50Hz. Two of the channels may also be configured for use with thermocouple devices. This kit includes the fantastic new X Sport dash, fully terminated 3m System and Analogue looms, USB download loom, setup and analysis software, lap timing beacon receiver and wheelspeed sensor

X Sport Dash display ORM kit

Downloadable Info File:

Part No: C503

The fantastic new X Sport dash from piXpress is here! Features include: · High intensity Shift LEDs with over rev indication and Launch mode for Standing starts · Gear number display · Real time speed and RPM display · Alarm light and Text warning for engine readings · On-board diagnostics (OBD II) input mode. All data comes from your vehicles OBDII port · Minimum Corner, Maximum straight speeds displayed · Adjustable LED brightness · Count-down and Count-up timer for Qualifying sessions or timed races · Vehicle performance monitor ¼ mile, 0 – 60 etc. · GPS input mode · Logged data, includes Lap time, Max Speed and RPM, Max and min sensor values for each lap · Lap time and Lap number display · Club Qualifying mode, compare current lap position against fastest lap of the day · PC Offload using Outing Report Manager PC application to easily compare outings Kit comprises X Sport display, Outing Report Manager (ORM) on CD including manuals, X Sport Loom (3m terminated), X Sport Quick Guide, 10-channel beacon receiver, Wheelspeed Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Pressure Sensor (standard, 10 bar), Computer lead (for ORM download) Note: Access to a beacon transmitter is required to provide lap times. If a transmitter is not available you should buy an 01F-152033, 10 Channel Beacon Transmitter. RPM Pick-up options: from existing Tacho output on your vehicle (no sensor required), HT RPM sensor (01K-162169), 4 Stroke RPM sensor (01F-152080) These are cost options.